Digital Master Class Series Outline

A course designed to help artists, craft producers and makers build their digital skills and brand.

Week 1: Master Class Introduction and First Topic: Building Your Brand

In the first class, you’ll get an overview of what to expect over the next six weeks – how you’ll be introduced to modern digital tools and strategies, see how others have leveraged digital technologies, and implement some of your own. Participants will have an opportunity to reach out to the program facilitators, ask questions, and interact throughout the series. We’ll also bring in guest panelists to share their stories and experiences.

The first class will dive into branding – why it’s important, how to view your business from the eyes of your customers, and what’s your unique value proposition.

Week 2: Building an Effective E-Commerce Website

In week two you’ll learn about the key moving parts of a website, how to update content, how to incorporate social media, why analytics are important, and how to build an effective e- commerce solution. We’ll walk you through the steps of building a Shopify website and how to create your very first page.

Week 3: Content Development and Content Marketing

Week three will dive into content, and why it’s so important. We’ll explore how to support your brand, maintain consistency, and cover topics including photography and video. You’ll learn how to distribute & share your content to maximize your audience.

Week 4: Social Media Strategies

In week four, we’ll examine social media and its various facets. This includes social management tools, how to boost your posts, and how to analyze & understand the effectiveness of your efforts.

Week 5: Customer Relationship Management

Week five will cover the concept of CRM (customer relationship management). We’ll explore the sales funnel & different customer states, different CRM tools, cross sell, up-sell, email marketing, customer surveys, and the importance of the follow-up.

Week 6: Digital Marketing & Advertising

Our last class will combine everything you’ve learned to help you target & reach your customers. We’ll focus on search engine marketing, display advertising, social media advertising, and related analytics to help you understand what’s working, and how to make adjustments to what isn’t.


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